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Watch: Ghost of Child's Great-Grandmother Spotted on Baby Monitor?

By Tim Binnall

A mother in England suspects that an odd anomaly filmed by a baby monitor in her son's room may have been the ghost of the boy's great-grandmother paying him a visit. Kerri Waterworth reportedly spotted the strangeness on the security system earlier this month and initially suspected that it was a spider. However, when she rushed into her son's room to eradicate the arachnid, she was surprised to find that there was no bug there.

Looking for something that may have caused the oddity captured by the baby monitor Waterworth "rubbed my hands all around the walls and sides that was in the view of the camera and all around the camera," but found nothing. Upon leaving the room and checking the monitor again when she got downstairs, the mom was mystified to see that the anomaly had returned and seemed to be almost soothing her son.

This has led Waterworth to surmise that the inexplicable interloper in the video was, in fact, the boy's great-grandmother, who had a particularly strong bond with the child and had passed away not too long ago. "We feel it was her coming to comfort my son," the mom explained, "she truly loved him." A self-described believer in ghosts, Waterworth conceded that she's generally skeptical of videos purportedly featuring apparitions, but her own experience has convinced her that such phenomena are real.


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