Watch: 'Ghost Pants' Caught on Film?

By Tim Binnall

A truly bizarre piece of footage circulating online appears to show a pair of pants running down a sidewalk seemingly without anyone wearing them! The very weird video was posted to YouTube by the paranormal channel Hidden Underbelly, which noted that the circumstances surrounding the strange scene are unfortunately unknown, although the setting would appear to suggest that it took place outside of the United States. The lack of details notwithstanding, the footage is undeniably odd and rather hard to decipher.

In the all-too-brief footage, a young child can be seen playing with a rabbit in the middle of a desolate road at night. Suddenly, out of the corner of the screen, a pair of pants can be seen dashing down the sidewalk before disappearing into the shadows. Eerily, features of the building in the background that should be obscured by an upper torso of the 'being,' for lack of a better term, are clearly visible, suggesting that the baffling sight is not merely a trick of light and shadow.

As for what, exactly, was captured on the video, some viewers have suggested that the 'ghost pants' were connected to some kind of spirit while others have posited, perhaps jokingly, that it is an invisible person who forgot to put on a shirt. Others have likened the notorious cryptid known as the 'Fresno Nightcrawler.' And, of course, more skeptical observers have put forward the prosaic explanation that the scene is somehow the result of a camera error or, failing that, simply a clever hoax.

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