Watch: Ghost Pulls Girl Under Bed?

By Tim Binnall

An unsettling piece of footage circulating online shows what appears to be a little girl being pulled under her bed by an unseen force as she cries out to her mother for help. The chilling incident reportedly occurred this past Sunday evening just before midnight and the video was subsequently shared on TikTok the next day by the toddler's dad, Josh Dean. In captioning the post, the unnerved father simply wrote "my daughter being pulled under the bed ... wife thinks she crawled, but she was pulled by something."

In the truly creepy footage, the youngster can be seen clambering off of her bed and looking underneath it as if something had drawn her attention. She then begins to slowly disappear under the bed while bellowing "mommy" over and over again in a moment that is pure nightmare fuel. The girl can then be heard wailing from beneath the bed until her mother comes into the room and lifts the furniture up to free her.

Unsurprisingly, the eerie video quickly went viral, amassing nearly a million views in just a few days. In an update posted by the girl's mother a few days later, she insisted that the incident was not staged and conceded that "I can't explain it." She went on to explain that she had initially thought that her daughter had simply crawled under the bed and gotten stuck, but seeing the footage made her suspect that perhaps something paranormal had taken place. What's your take on the spooky scene? Share your thoughts at the C2C Facebook page.

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