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Watch: Ghost Yanks Phone from Wall at Haunted Pub?

A spooky piece of security footage from a notoriously haunted pub in England appears to a phone flung to the floor by one of the site's resident spirits.

Boasting a reputation as one the UK's most haunted sites, the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall seems to have strengthened the case for that 'honor' thanks to an eerie incident that has recently come to light.

The chilling scene, captured by CCTV cameras, shows a barmaid named April finishing up her work for the night and preparing to head home.

Purportedly the only person left in the building at this late hour, it would seem that she had a visitor from the 'other side' as, suddenly, the receiver from a nearly wall phone plunges to the ground via an unseen force.

Clearly taken aback by the strange occurrence, April proceeds to walk over to the area only to find no one there.

What may be remarkable about this particular event is that the security cameras allow for two different perspectives on the strange event and indicate that the phone did not fall due to some kind of shenanigans.

Paranormal investigators who have examined the case say that they are stumped since, based on its design, there's no way that the phone's receiver could become dislodged by itself.

Skeptics will likely find that hard to believe and would probably argue that the footage is either a normal event made to seem paranormal due to the site's history or it's simply a clever marketing ploy.

However, it's worth noting that April's odd experience actually occurred back in October, but the Jamaica Inn opted to hand the footage over to paranormal researchers rather than rush to post it online to generate a buzz around Halloween.

What's your take on the video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Express

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