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Watch: Girl Rides Through X-Ray Machine

By Tim Binnall

A bizarre piece of security camera footage from China shows a five-year-old girl climbing into an x-ray machine at a busy train station. The strange incident reportedly occurred earlier this week at the Daminghu Railway Station in the city of Jinan.

In the video, the youngster can be seen scrambling up onto the conveyer belt of the machine unbeknownst to her parents who were loading their bags into the device and preparing to go through the security check. Moments later, the little girl emerges from the sizeable scanner to the astonishment of a worker who seemingly cannot believe what she has just seen.

While the security guard may have been surprised by the little girl's misadventure, this is not the first time that such a weird scene has unfolded at a Chinese train station. Last October saw another youngster pull off the same move and, amazingly, an adult woman also made headlines last February when she took a ride through an x-ray machine.

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