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Watch: Glowing Yowie Eyes Caught on Film?

By Tim Binnall

An eerie piece of footage purportedly emanating from Australia shows what appear to be a set of glowing eyes lurking in a forest and some suspect that they may belong to that country's version of Bigfoot. As is often the case with such videos, details surrounding its origins are scarce with the only information posted online being that it was allegedly filmed somewhere Down Under and that the individual behind the camera was someone 'hunting' for the Australian form of Sasquatch known as the Yowie.

In the video, a fairly nondescript patch of wilderness can be seen illuminated by a flashlight. As the camera and light pan across the forest, it appears that the glow briefly gets reflected by something near a tree. What makes the footage particularly compelling is that there are two reflections and they seem to be eyes which ostensibly belong to something quite tall. After a few seconds, the spooky set of possible peepers vanish as if whatever possessed them had moved to avoid the light.

Response from viewers online has been largely split into two camps with some suggesting that the video is a fantastic glimpse of the elusive Australian Bigfoot. However, skeptics say that there could be any number of prosaic sources for the strange glow. While we're likely to never know for sure what the person filmed, if it truly was a Yowie, then the person behind the camera was likely lucky to escape the close encounter unscathed since the creature is known to be more confrontational than its American counterpart. What do you think was spotted in the video? Let us know at the C2C Facebook page.

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