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Watch: Gravity Foils Magician's 'Trick'

A foolhardy magician's attempt to impress his fellow performers at a convention in England ended with a thud when his climb to the top of a building went awry.

The amazing scene was filmed by an attendee at the event named Arron Jones, who could not believe his eyes when he saw one of the magicians begin climbing up the side of the cavernous room used for the convention.

Despite cries and warnings from spectators on the ground, the undeterred man made his way to the apex of the building and swung from the rafters in a moment that probably felt rather exhilarating.

Unfortunately, the triumph was short-lived as, during his descent from the ceiling, the magician lost his grip and fell an astounding 25 feet down to the floor!

According to Jones, it is believed that the man, who was quickly rushed to the hospital, managed to avoid any life-threatening injuries and came away from the incident suffering only a broken hip.

Another magician in attendance at the event speculated that the mishap may have been caused by alcohol-fueled one-upmanship amongst attendees seeing who could perform the most incredible stunt.

In light of what subsequently occurred, the wounded wizard may want to focus on card tricks for the foreseeable future.

Source: Mirror

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