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Watch: 'Hat Man' Entity Caught on Film at Haunted Mansion in St. Louis?

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of footage filmed at a notoriously haunted location in St. Louis appears to offer a glimpse of the infamous shadow entity known as the 'Hat Man,' but not everyone is convinced that the video features a genuine supernatural being. The scene in question was purportedly filmed back in 2011 at Lemp Mansion and was posted on Reddit late last week by a user claiming that it had been recorded by their friend during a ghost hunt.

In the video, the camera pans around the room and passes a window with daylight streaming through it. As the footage sweeps around again, an eerie-looking shadow of what appears to be an individual wearing an old-fashioned hat can briefly be seen. When the spot comes into view again, the spooky figure has seemingly vanished. As one can imagine, the unique attire of the apparent entity has led many observers to conclude that it is the notorious 'Hat Man' shadow being.

However, more skeptical observers taking a closer look at the video contend that it is most likely a clever hoax. To that end, one viewer argued that "it is a suit hanging up on a clothes horse or something, and it is flat, so it appears to be not there when stood at a different angle." With that in mind, what's your take on the odd video? Does it really show the 'Hat Man' or is merely an ingenious ruse? Share your thoughts with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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