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Watch: 'Hay Tornado' Filmed in England

By Tim Binnall

Residents of a community in England could not believe their eyes when powerful winds whipped over the area and formed a 'hay tornado.' The apocalyptic scene reportedly occurred in the town of Northwich on Sunday afternoon. According to a young man who had been fishing nearby at the time and witnessed the scene unfold, the mighty wind suddenly began sent clumps of hay and grass swirling through the air. "It was just like a mini tornado," he marveled, noting that the breeze was so powerful that it even picked up his fishing equipment.

Other members of the community also reported seeing the strange 'hay tornado' and took to social media to confirm what they had just witnessed. "Please tell me I wasn't the only one who just watched clouds of hay fly over high in the sky," posted one bewildered resident online. Their concerns were confirmed by other people living in the area who not only reported seeing the odd event, but also groused that their homes and yard were now covered with hay that had to be removed.


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