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Watch: Heavy Winds Spark Mesmerizing 'Mattress Migration' in Colorado

By Tim Binnall

A storm passing over an outdoor event in Colorado inadvertently produced a rather mesmerizing sight as dozens of air mattresses at the location were sent flying. The jaw-dropping scene reportedly occurred on Saturday evening at a park in Denver which was once a part of the city's now-shuttered Stapleton Airport. As part of a 'Movie Night Under the Stars' event, a bevy of air mattresses had been placed on the grass for attendees to lounge comfortably while watching the film.

However, before the event could get underway, a storm with strong winds swept into the area and carried a slew of the inflatable beds across the park. An astonished onlooker named Robb Manes managed to film the incredible scene, which kind of resembled a schlocky sci-fi movie about an invasion of 'alien mattresses,' with his cell phone camera. Fortunately, nobody was injured from the inflatable flying objects and the storm was over in time for the event to start.


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