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Watch: Hikers Stumble Upon Unsettling Spider Nest

By Tim Binnall

A nightmarish piece of footage from Mexico shows the moment when a pair of hikers unwittingly disturbed a sizeable nest of spiders. The unnerving scene reportedly took place as the two men were walking along a road and noticed a furry-looking oddity in a cave. Remarkably, rather than pick up their pace and avoid the strange would-be creature, the duo decided to investigate their strange find further.

Thinking that the hairy mass was some kind of sleeping animal, one of the men made the ill-advised decision to actually poke at it with a stick. Fortunately for them, their attempt at rousing the 'creature' did not result in an ornery animal attacking them, but their intrusion did unleash something that may be even more unsettling. Their prodding of the furry wonder wound up revealing its true nature as dozens of tiny spiders suddenly emerged.

As one can imagine, the reaction of the men was a mixture of amazement and unease at the sheer number of the creepy insects scurrying around the nest. While this may be of little comfort to arachnophobes, the spiders seen in the video were of the household variety colloquially called 'daddy long-legs' and, as such, posed no threat to the hikers who disturbed them.

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