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Watch: Illuminated Skydivers Spark Mass 'UFO' Sighting Over Ohio?

By Tim Binnall

Numerous residents of the Cincinnati area thought they'd seen a string of UFOs on Saturday night thanks to a strange string of glowing lights that were likely just an illuminated skydiving show. The odd event occurred at around 9:30 in the evening when four mystifying orbs suddenly appeared in the night sky. Remarkably, unlike similar cases in which only one witness manages to film such an event, this particular incident saw several individuals capture the scene with their cell phones.

In the different videos, the onlookers can be heard wondrously exclaiming that the lights had just appeared out of nowhere, were inexplicably vanishing, and then lighting up once again. Thanks to the considerable number of witnesses and the many different videos of the event, social media soon lit up with people wondering what was hovering over Cincinnati.

At the risk of bursting the proverbial ET bubble for those who saw the strange lights and suspected that they could be alien craft, it just so happens that a skydiving team was giving a pyro performance at that very time around 16 miles away. While the group behind the demonstration has yet to 'take credit' for the 'UFOs,' the timing, distance, and duration of the event seems to indicate that the illuminated show was probably what captivated the witnesses who simply didn't realize that it was happening a few towns away.

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