Watch: Indiana Cops Spot UFO Cluster

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By Tim Binnall

A pair of cops in Indiana were left scratching their heads earlier this week when they spotted a puzzling cluster of lights hovering in the night sky. According to a local media report, the perplexing sighting occurred on Monday evening in the city of Evansville as officer Trendon D’mechi and his partner were out on patrol. Stopped at an intersection, the duo noticed an odd series of lights in the sky which seemed to form a line. D’mechi managed to capture the scene on video using his cell phone and the footage was subsequently shared by the Evansville Police Department, who told residents that "our officers may have found something from out of this world tonight. Don't worry though, we will be keeping an eye out for little green creatures tonight."

In the video (which can be seen below), D’mechi gazes up at the odd lights and wonders, with an almost plaintive wail, "what are those, man?" His partner can be heard observing that they appear to be "staying in place" and "there's like ten of them." D’mechi subsequently muses that they must be drones, before asking with exasperation "why are they in a line?" He ultimately theorizes that, whatever the oddities might be, they seemed to originate from nearby Kentucky, which borders Evansville.

As one might imagine, upon the release of the video, social media users had a variety of suggestions for what the lights could have been, including a military exercise, lanterns, Starlink satellites, or, of course, some kind of alien spacecraft. An attempt by a local newspaper to get to the bottom of the mystery provided more questions than answers as neither an area airport nor a nearby Air Force base had any insight into what the officers might have seen. Additionally, the Evansville Police Department say they are equally stumped by the strange sighting.

For those wondering why the officers didn't pursue the aerial oddities, it turns out that they actually did just that as D’mechi indicated that they quickly headed over to a marina on the Ohio River, which separates Indiana and Kentucky, but the UFOs had vanished by the time they got there. Looking back on the incident, the officer said that "my partner and I definitely felt uneasy after seeing the lights" and expressed surprise that nobody reported the strange objects to the police. As of now, the case remains unsolved. With that in mind, what's your best guess for what officer D’mechi and his partner saw on Monday night? Share your best guess with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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