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Watch: Inmate's Ghost Filmed at Prison in England?

A pair of paranormal researchers in England suspect that they may have captured footage of an apparition lurking in an old prison.

The spooky video in question was recorded at the Bodmin Jail by Tony Ferguson and his wife, Bev, during an investigation earlier this week.

During their visit, Tony purportedly put the camera down for a moment and, as luck would have it, it briefly caught a glimpse of an odd anomaly resembling a person crossing through a hallway.

The spirit in question seems to sport white hair and can be seen clearly moving rather than appearing stationary.

As is often the case with tales of this kind, Tony says that only he and his wife were only people in the building at the time and neither of them could have been the source for the mysterious event.

Given the setting for the sighting, there are likely a number of potential candidates for who the ghost may have been, if it truly was an apparition.

To that end, Tony speculated that the spirit was that of the last man to be executed at the prison over a century ago.

Strangely, when they later asked the staff at the jail to check their security cameras to possibly get a second look at the oddity from another angle, there was nothing unusual found in the footage.

Skeptics will, no doubt, point to that fact as evidence that the 'spirit' was probably just an insect or fleck of dust, although paranormal enthusiasts might say that expecting a ghost to be caught on film twice in one night might be too much to ask.

What's your take on the potential 'prisoner ghost' filmed at the Bodmin Jail? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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