Watch: Japanese Fishermen Snag Breathtaking Multicolored Catch

By Tim Binnall

A group of Japanese fishermen reeled in an incredible multicolored catch that initially had people online crying foul until video emerged of the men snagging the wondrous creature. The breathtaking denizen of the deep was reportedly captured earlier this month by the team behind the YouTube channel Fishing Gang Azusa. Amazed by the jaw-dropping catch, one of the group members posted a picture of it on Twitter, marveling "I caught a ridiculous color of fish."

The image of the stunning creature quickly went viral and, as is often the case with such photos, several people online suggested that the cartoon-like fish was fake. In response, the group subsequently uploaded video of the moment when they caught the fish (seen above), which served to squash those suspicions. To their credit, the footage also showed the Fishing Gang Azusa releasing the creature, which was later determined to be a species known as 'surge wrasse,' back into the water.



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