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Watch: Koala Fight Stops Traffic

An Australian woman driving to work wound up with a front row seat to an epic wrestling match between two pugnacious koala bears that were doing battle in the middle of the road.

Although initially amused by the odd sight, her appreciation for the showdown soon turned to annoyance when the creatures couldn't be bothered to get out of the way.

After trying in vain to startle the animals into moving by beeping her horn, the woman eventually lamenting out loud, "how am I gonna get to work?"

After an agonizing two minutes of watching the traffic-stopping koala fight, the woman appears to get the green light when the animals unlock from each other and run away.

However, her window of opportunity quickly slams shut when they scramble back in front of the car, leaving her to cry out, "Oh, for god's sake!"

It's uncertain how much longer the fight continued, but we're guessing the woman was happy that she filmed it, since her boss may not have believed the story when she showed up late for work.

Source: YouTube

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