Watch: Lamb in China Walks on Two Feet

By Tim Binnall

An amazing video from China shows a lamb that was born with deformed hind limbs and, in turn, learned to walk around on just its two front feet. The remarkable creature reportedly resided on a ranch near the city of Hulunbuir and, due to a birth defect, possessed only a pair of working forelegs. In an awe-inspiring testament to the adaptability of the animal kingdom, the creature initially shuffled around on its stomach before eventually developing the ability to walk in a bipedal fashion.

Footage of the two-legged lamb in action shows that it took to the unique form of locomotion rather easily as the animal can be seen strutting its stuff and mingling among the other sheep on the ranch. No doubt due to the adorable nature of the creature, the video quickly went viral on social media in China, making the woolly wonder something of a celebrity. Alas, the lamb's proverbial fifteen minutes of fame were short-lived as it sadly passed away after a mere 40 days due to a buildup of gas.

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