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Watch: Leaping Deer Downs Biker

A dashing deer out for a daytime run crossed paths with a group of motorcyclists barreling down the highway in Washington D.C. and, as one might expect, the encounter turned ugly.

Captured on video by one of the riders taking part in a charity event, the showdown took place seconds after they passed a 'Deer Crossing' sign.

The warning proved to be quite prescient as a deer sporting a mighty set of antlers comes charging out of the woods from the other side of the road towards the group.

The two forces collide in a breathtaking moment when the deer leaps over one of the riders which causes him to spill to the ground.

Fortunately, neither the man nor his bike were seriously injured and, presumably, the deer was no worse for wear since it seemingly just kept on running.

One can only hope that the incident will not spark a turf war between the bikers and the deer in the area and cooler heads can prevail.

Source: UPI

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