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Watch: Loch Ness Webcam Viewer Spots Two Mysterious Creatures?

By Tim Binnall

A diligent viewer of a Loch Ness webcam suspects that he may have recently spotted not one, but two mysterious creatures swimming in the waters of the legendary site. Eoin O' Faodhagain of Ireland reportedly noticed the strange anomalies while watching the live stream earlier this month and quickly recorded the scene so that he could document the weird sighting.

In the admittedly quite blurry video, a pair of dark anomalies can be seen sticking out of the water and seemingly moving slowly through the loch. While some Nessie aficionados might suspect that the pair of protrusions were part of the same creatures, O' Faodhagain begged to differ, explaining that "never did I think it was two humps from the one animal, the sighting did not give me that impression."

On the contrary, he theorized that the scene shows two creatures which he estimated to be around 20 feet long. Having spent a considerable amount of time watching the webcam over the course of the past few years, to the point that he's now racked up four Nessie sightings, O' Faodhagain noted that he's never seen anything quite like this which he called "a rarity."

While it's nearly impossible to discern what, exactly, the dark anomalies were, viewers can at least compare them in size to a boat that can be seen in the water a fair distance away. Oddly enough, news of O' Faodhagain's sighting follows a report in which a skipper on Loch Ness claimed to have spotted an unusually large object on his boat's sonar and wondered if perhaps it could have been the legendary creature.

Both O' Faodhagain's account and that of the skipper have been accepted by the Official Loch Ness Sightings Register, increasing the total number of reports for 2019 to nine so far. One imagines that the tally just might explode should the much-ridiculed 'Storm Loch Ness' plan wind up actually happening. What's your take on O' Faodhagain's footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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