Watch: Man Knocked Out by Falling Cat

By Tim Binnall

A bizarre piece of security camera footage from China shows the shocking moment when a cat falls from the sky and knocks an elderly man unconscious. The jaw-dropping scene reportedly occurred last month as Gao Fenghua was walking his dog in the city of Harbin. Their normally routine bit of exercise took a very strange turn when a cat suddenly dropped from above and struck the man in the head.

Incredibly, the falling feline hit the man with such force that it knocked him out and left him crumbled in a heap on the pavement. The cat, on the other hand, appeared to be just fine and quickly scrambled away from the injured senior citizen. In a testament to the loyalty of man's best friend, Fenghua's dog wound up cornering the creature that took down its owner and a brief confrontation ensued.

Although the footage, which has gone viral online over the last few days, may be seen as amusing by some, it was no laughing matter to Fenghua. The man wound up spending the next 23 days in the hospital due to injuries caused by his unexpected encounter with the cat and he is expected to need additional physical therapy to fully recover from the unfortunate event.

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