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Watch: Massive Gator Filmed in FL

A woman walking near the wetlands of Florida captured footage of what may be the biggest alligator ever seen or filmed in the wild.

Estimated to be a jaw-dropping 15 feet long, the monstrous gator was spotted by astounded witness Marcy Clarius in the city of Delray Beach.

Fortunately, she was able to document the nightmarish moment that the giant gator emerged from the water as Clarius exclaimed "oh, my God!"

For comparison's sake, the smaller alligator seen next to the creature in the footage is a popular denizen of the wetlands, nicknamed 'George,' that is thought to measure nine feet long.

The current record for the largest gator found in Florida is 14 feet, three-and-a-half inches, meaning that Clarius' creature could be the new champion, provided some brave soul steps forward and offers to measure it.

Source: Island Packet


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