Watch: Massive 'Mystery Creature' Remains Found on Floor of Mediterranean

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of footage from an underwater exploratory vehicle shows the massive remains of a mysterious sea creature that has yet to be identified. Paranormal researcher Deborah Hatswell reportedly received the video from an unnamed oil and gas industry worker back in 2017 and held on to the material until late last month when she posted it to YouTube. According to her source, the strange discovery occurred as a remote-operated vehicle was conducting a survey of the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of approximately 2,700 feet.

During its examination of the area, the submarine stumbled upon the puzzling remains which appear to measure around 98 feet long and consists largely of a very lengthy set of vertebrate. In the video, the operator of the vessel uses a remote-controlled claw to reach out a grasp a piece of the skeleton, but the segment disintegrates into dust as soon as the slightest bit of pressure is placed upon it. While one might suspect that the remains are simply those of a whale, Hartswell dismissed that particular theory.

"This video was taken by professionals who work underwater in oceans all across the globe," she said, "they whale bones and come across them from time to time." To that end, she noted that the spine of a whale sports three blades which are spaced 120 degrees apart, which is incongruous with the skeleton in the video. Adding another layer of mystery to the creature, Hartswell indicated that "the dimensions of the skeleton on the video does not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area."

For his part, Hartswell's source for the video said that "the bones could be very ancient" and observed that they "look more like they belong to a serpent of some kind." Attempts by the paranormal researcher to connect the creature's remains to various types of marine life have so far fallen short, giving rise to speculation that perhaps the skeleton is that of something fantastic such as a heretofore undiscovered sea serpent akin to the legendary leviathan. More skeptical-minded individuals, however, have posited that the remains were those of a giant hammerhead shark. What's your take on the weird find? Share your best guess at the C2C Facebook page.

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