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Watch: Monkeys Swarm Thai Street

An amazing video out of Thailand shows a massive troop of monkeys take to the streets after being frightened by fireworks.

Captured in the city of Lopburi, the jaw-dropping footage begins with dozens of monkeys streaming down a hill and crossing a busy road in front of, no doubt, annoyed drivers.

And when the screeching sound of a firework being launched pierces the air, the scene turns positively apocalyptic as a huge wave of terrified monkeys washes over the street, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Eventually the unsettling sounds come to a stop and the bewildered monkeys, now congregating on a sidewalk, slowly disperse.

According to the person who recorded the video, the creatures came from a temple in the city which is so renowned for its huge population of simian residents that it has been dubbed the 'Monkey Temple.'

Source: UPI

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