Watch: Monstrous Alligator Spotted Roaming Around Florida Golf Course

By Tim Binnall

A wild video out of Florida shows a monstrous alligator casually strolling across the grounds of a golf course. The jaw-dropping scene reportedly unfolded at the Valencia Golf and Country Club in the city of Naples earlier this week as inclement weather halted play. Although the rain may have kept club members off the links, it was apparently no problem for the enormous creature which was filmed by worker Tyler Stolting as he rounded the bend at the 17th tee of the course.

Despite being accustomed to seeing alligators at the location from time to time, the sheer size of this particular creature left the golf pro stunned. "Once I got closer it definitely was a shock," he told a local newspaper. Upon being posted to social media by the golf course on Wednesday, video of the huge 'visitor' quickly went viral with people online expressing both astonishment and terror at the unnerving sight. As for what became of the creature after he encountered it, Stolting says that he opted to simply let the gator 'play through' and did not contact the authorities or the local wildlife department about the beast.


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