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Watch: Monstrous Wildcat Filmed in Scotland

A game camera placed in a Scottish forest filmed a four-foot-long wildcat that is believed to be one of the largest such creatures caught on film.

The big cat was prowling in the Clashindarroch Forest, where wildlife experts say a mere dozen or so of the wildcats call home.

In light of their small population size, the animals are rarely seen by researchers, which has led to the footage of the elusive 'ghost cats' being celebrated by experts as proof that the wildcats are still with us.

To that end, conservationist Kev Bell noted to the BBC that "people say that the wildcat doesn't exist anymore," but that his new footage clearly discredits that idea.

Beyond the mere presence of the cat on film, hel was also amazed by the size of the creature which has led to it being dubbed the 'Clashindarroch Beast.'

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this cat," Bell marveled, "he is enormous, a magnificent animal."

While some cynical observers may scoff at excitement over a simple video of a wildcat, especially since the perspective of the footage renders the feline looking almost like someone's pet, the implications should be appreciated by cryptzoloogy fans.

After all, if researchers can obtain footage of one of only a handful of wildcats lurking in a Scottish forest, perhaps there's still hope that a thylacine or Bigfoot could wander in front of a game camera next.

Source: BBC News

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