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Watch: Musical 'Trolls' Mystify Tourists in Thailand

By Tim Binnall

Tourists vacationing in Thailand were left scratching their heads when they spotted what looked like a bizarre ritual being performed by some strange-looking creatures. The weird encounter was captured on film by a man named Jemayel Khawaja as he and his family were visiting a popular Thai rock climbing destination known as Railay Bay.

While admiring the picturesque scenery of the site, the group was taken aback when they suddenly heard some strange music coming from an area beneath a cliff. Their astonishment was amplified considerably when they saw that the sounds were seemingly coming from some diminutive furry creatures that appeared to be frolicking on the rocks.

Fortunately for Khawaja and company, it turns out that the tourists had not interrupted some kind of sacred ceremony. In fact, they later learned that the 'creatures' were actually costumed actors and that the entire show was the work of an artist and performer named Tori Wranes. What, exactly, his purpose was behind the odd event is, like all great art, a mystery.


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