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Watch: Nightmarish Mass of Worms Filmed in Texas

By Tim Binnall

A Houston man was stopped in his tracks while exiting his apartment when he stumbled upon an unsettling mass of worms writhing around on the sidewalk. The unnamed Texan told a news outlet that he was immediately put off by the nightmarish sight, which somewhat resembled a human heart, but dared to get a closer look at the undulating oddity before him. "It was a squirming, throbbing, amorphous mound of tangled worms," he observed, "with a constant stream of more worms drifting by."

Fortunately for those who enjoy seeing the unnerving side of Mother Nature, the man decided to film the weird worm gathering and the video is truly shiver-inducing. According to the witness, beyond the view of his camera was actually a second mass being formed by other worms caught in the flow of rainwater. The creepy scene was enough to make the man consider killing the collection of creatures, but he ultimately opted to let it live.

As to how and why the ball of worms formed, the man was stumped, musing that "I am 32 years old and have never seen anything like this, despite frequent digging and coming across worms all the time." However, scientists seem to have an answer and say that the man likely encountered a tubiflex worm colony which was created when the creatures were driven out of the ground by days of heavy rain and forced to come together as means of survival.

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