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Watch: Obama Talks UFOs with Colbert

By Tim Binnall

Former president Barack Obama was recently asked whether or not he had been briefed on UFOs and, in response, offered a rather tantalizing answer. The intriguing moment came after he had finished musing about the challenges of "prying information out of the bowels of an agency" during a wide-ranging conversation with Stephen Colbert. Picking up on that line of thought, the late night talk show host quickly asked Obama "any UFOs? Did you ask about that?"

In response, the former president revealed that he had "certainly asked about that." However, when Colbert pressed for more information, Obama simply replied, "can't tell you, sorry." The comedian responded "I'll take that as a 'yes,'" and suggested that "if there were none, you'd say there's none." Laughing at that argument, Obama told Colbert to "feel free to think that." While the exchange is undoubtedly amusing, it's also rather thought-provoking as it constitutes a rare instance in which a former president confirms that they were briefed on UFOs.

Staying on the topic of the phenomenon, the Obama astutely observed that "it used to be that UFOs and Roswell was the biggest conspiracy and now it seems so tame. The idea that the government might have an alien spaceship? That's nothing." The conversation with Colbert was not the first time the former president has discussed the topic of UFOs as he was previous asked about the phenomenon by Jimmy Kimmel and gave a similarly circumspect answer.

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