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Watch: Odd Aerial Anomaly Filmed in Massachusetts

By Tim Binnall

A resident of a Boston suburb was left scratching her head on Friday evening after spotting an odd glowing anomaly seemingly hovering in the sky. Alexis McLean reportedly filmed the weird scene a little before 6 PM in the city of Quincy after being alerted to the object by her young daughter. According to McLean there was also a second object in the sky behind the glowing streak, although that is hard to discern from the video.

What can be seen in the footage is a rather bright streak in the sky that doesn't appear to be moving very fast if it is even traveling at all. A worker at a nearby observatory offered a pair of possible sources for the strange glowing object. The first is that it could have been the International Space Station, which would have been visible from the location at that time, although he observed, "when I have seen the space station, it has never left a trail."

The other theory is that it could be merely the contrail of an airplane which is being illuminated by the setting sun. While that particular explanation seems to have merit, the observatory worker conceded that "I wasn’t there to see it in person and I can’t make out any detail at all in the video as to the shape of whatever is at the front of the trail." With that in mind, what's your take on the puzzling video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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