Watch: Odd Orb Frightens Fox?

By Tim Binnall

An intriguing trail cam video making the rounds online appears to show an orb zipping through the air above a fox and giving the creature quite the scare. The footage was reportedly captured in the New York town of Catskill last Thursday evening and was subsequently submitted to UFO research organization MUFON.

In the video, a fox can be seen at the bottom of the frame seemingly looking for something to eat. Suddenly, a small ball of light emerges from the forest behind the creature and glides through the air toward the camera. When the orb passes over the unsuspecting animal, the fox suddenly takes off running as if it were spooked by the eerie interloper.

As to what the anomaly may have been, viewers online have offered a number of different theories. Among the more fantastic possibilities put forward are that it was a UFO, a ghost, or some kind of elemental being that lives in the forest. Despite the distinct shape of the oddity, skeptical observers are likely to say that the orb was merely a bug or a bird that was rendered round by the camera. That said, one wonders why such a small passerby would scare the fox enough to run away from the area.

One other scenario worth considering is that the scene is the really the result of remarkable timing and not an encounter between the fox and the orb. That's because a close look at the footage indicates that the animal may have been reacting to something on the ground in the seconds before the anomaly appears above it and whatever that was could have been the true cause of the creature's consternation. What's your take on the puzzling footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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