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Watch: Odd Orbs Filmed by Home Security System in Virginia

By Tim Binnall

A Virginia woman was left scratching her head after her home security system filmed some odd orbs lingering around her front porch. The unnamed homeowner shared the video with a local television station in the hopes of figuring out what the camera may have captured. In the footage, a glowing object that somewhat resembles a large chicken can be seen walking along the porch and, in a separate piece of video, another luminous object appears undulating near the front steps of the home.

The women told the TV station that oddities are unlike anything she's seen filmed by the security system in the past and was confident that the anomalies were not merely bugs. Chillingly, she also noted that she just so happens to live next to a graveyard. What's your take on the weird footage? Share your best theory with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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