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Watch: Odd UFO Filmed in Belarus

A perplexing video out of Belarus features a strange glowing object cruising through the sky to the amazement of the witness who filmed it.

The odd footage was captured by a driver who spotted the anomaly and subsequently began filming the eerie sight.

According to reports out of Belarus, UFO researchers in the country are baffled by the video, saying that they cannot explain what the weird, fairly-sizeable object could have been.

Noteworthy about the footage is that it initially appears to be simply a case of the cell phone's light reflecting off of the car window.

However, as the video progresses, one can see that the UFO, in fact, passes behind some trees along the horizon and, when that happens, it is completely obscured from view.

With the 'reflected light' explanation seemingly debunked, the nature of the 'flying saucer' remains up for debate, though skeptics will likely argue for some prosaic possibility such as a misidentified human aircraft.

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Source: The Bobr Times


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