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Watch: Odd UFO Filmed in California

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of footage from California appears to show a perfectly round object hovering in the sky over some houses and no one can quite figure out what it was. The puzzling scene was filmed in the city of Porterville by a YouTube user named 'jusdafide' at around 5:30 in the evening on February 1st. According to him, the oddity lingered in place for around thirty minutes and disappeared following sunset.

While the strange object seems to some kind of balloon, the witness was left wondering why, exactly, such a thing would be there. "That is a neighborhood of regular homes," he explained, "just a typical regular suburb. No reason for any balloons or advertisements to be floating over that area." This skepticism for the proverbial balloon theory is bolstered by his video wherein he watches the object and marvels "that is really weird. There's like no strings or anything. It's just floating."

Be that as it may, some kind of balloon, possibly of the weather variety, is probably the most likely explanation for the nature of the odd object as its perfectly spherical shape seems to cancel out other theories such as a drone. That said, since the anomaly has yet to be identified, a secret military test craft or an alien scout ship cannot be entirely ruled out. With that in mind, what's your best guess for what 'jusdafide' filmed over the city of Porterville? Weigh in with your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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