Watch: Odd UFO Spotted on French Newscast

By Tim Binnall

An odd moment during a French newscast appears to show a UFO zip through the sky behind a correspondent who is stationed in Moscow. The curious incident occurred during a broadcast from Russia Today's French affiliate last week as an anchor was speaking to reporter Verga Gaufman about tensions between Russia and the EU. While that bit of geopolitical intrigue was being discussed in the foreground, a pair of dark objects can be seen in the background descending from the sky at an incredibly high rate of speed over the Russian capital city.

It would seem that the very brief appearance of the fast-moving objects went unnoticed by the anchor as his conversation with Gaufman gave no indication that he'd spotted something amiss. UFO enthusiasts, however, did catch the appearance of the anomalies. To that end, indefatigable researcher Scott Waring posited that the incident was an intentional act on the part of extraterrestrials looking to "expose the public to the truth slowly."

Noting that UFOs have been spotted several times on newscasts over the years, he mused that "it seems aliens are taking serious steps at getting caught" during live broadcasts. As one might imagine, more skeptical observers have a less fantastic take on what can be seen in the segment. Specifically, fastidious UFO video analyst Scott Brando argued that the 'ET craft' is, in fact, a kind of optical illusion wherein flying insects appear to possess a "rod-like shape" by way of motion blur. In which camp do you fall, alien spaceship or misidentified bugs? Share your take at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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