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Watch: Pair of Puzzling USOs Filmed in Northern Ireland

By Tim Binnall

A woman in Northern Ireland was left scratching her head when she spotted a pair of puzzling lights submerged underwater. The odd sighting reportedly occurred in the picturesque seaside town of Bangor last week. According to the witness, who walked around the shore in an attempt to determine the source of the oddities, the lights appeared to periodically flicker for no discernible reason.

Sharing the footage with a local Facebook group, she noted that there also did not seem to be any sign on the shore that the lights could have been from divers out exploring the water. A second witness soon emerged, noting that the lights mysteriously appeared after a "strange" fog had swept over the area and the anomalies underwater objects were "like two pinky peach sheens on the water that were concentrated in the middle."

Despite the lack of evidence that the lights could have come from people out in the water, the current best guess among skeptically-minded observers is that, indeed, the anomalies were from flashlights being used by divers. This was echoed by a member of the local diving community who indicated that the location is a popular spot for such activity. That said, he also conceded that an impromptu survey of divers in the area failed to find any specific person who could account for being in the water at that time.

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