Watch: Pet Camera Films Ghost Cat?

By Tim Binnall

A fantastic video that popped up online this week appears to show a ghost cat manifesting out of thin air on a couch. The wild piece of footage was reportedly captured last month by way of a pet camera in the home of a woman in Swindon, England. "Not sure if this can be explained," she wrote when she posted it online, "but I caught what looks like my cat Blackjack, who passed away almost exactly a year ago, materializing on our sofa when I turned the lights on from my phone."

Indeed, in the puzzling video, what appears to the faint outline of a cat seems to slowly form on the woman's couch as her lights begin to illuminate the room. Amazingly, when the area is fully lit, the odd form takes on a density and clearly resembles a feline, complete with a pair of pointy ears. According to the woman, "there was nothing black on the sofa, just the pillows that are red, grey and cream."

In attempting to decipher what the camera had filmed, she explained that "even though I am a believer of the paranormal, I always want to debunk before I blindly believe," but conceded that "I still don't know what I'm seeing" in the video. Responses to the footage have been largely split between those who think that it features the ghost of Blackjack the cat and skeptical viewers arguing that the 'phantom feline' is a video artifact or a shadow. What's your take on the eerie footage? Weigh in with your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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