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Watch: Portal Filmed During Storm?

An Alabama driver passing through a treacherous storm was stunned to see what some suspect to be a portal in the sky and a UFO observing it. The strange scene was captured on video by a man named Nicholas as he headed home in the city of Gulf Shores. As a tremendous electrical storm unfolded around him, the man was bewildered by what looks like a large, glowing mass overhead. The sight proved to be so confounding that Nicholas actually pulled over to the side of the road to get a better look at it.

As often happens with such cases, the eerie footage subsequently wound up online via a YouTube channel dedicated to dissecting videos of UFOs and other strange phenomena. The commentator discussing the video notes that, in the footage, one can see an odd object seemingly hovering in the sky next to the glowing mass. He speculates that this is some kind of craft, either traveling through the portal or observing it. Other onlookers have actually gone so far as to suggest that the storm, itself, was a product of whatever weirdness was happening between the UFO and the potential portal.

The video has yet to land on the desk of skeptics, but we're guessing that their interpretation of the footage is that the 'portal' is somehow produced via meteorological elements taking place during the storm. That may be hard to believe to one who is not well-versed in the way in which weather can produce some truly breathtaking natural effects, but it's certainly worthy of consideration, since it seems more plausible than the oddity being a portal. What's your take on the strange scene in the sky over Alabama? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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