Watch: 'Possessed' Teddy Bear Caught on Film?

A bizarre piece of footage, allegedly taken by a 'nanny cam,' purportedly shows a 'possessed' teddy bear coming to life and crawling on top of a sleeping girl in India.

In the strange clip, which went viral over the weekend after being broadcast by Chinese media, the seemingly innocent toy bear appears to 'wake up' and then slowly moves toward its ostensible owner.

Although the footage is undoubtedly creepy, especially with its 'night vision' perspective, skeptics have been quick to brand the video a hoax.

Its mysterious origins as well as the mechanical way that the bear seems to move suggest that the scene is, indeed, a clever creation.

That said, the phenomenon of haunted objects has been well documented by paranormal researchers, so one may not want to entirely dismiss the video as fake.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the vast array of strange items that have reportedly possessed by spirits can check out author Tim Weisberg's 6/7/2013 appearance on the program.

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Source: Mirror

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