Watch: Pranksters Frighten Police in Malaysia with 'Crying Vampire' Sounds

By Tim Binnall

Authorities enforcing a coronavirus lockdown in Malaysia got quite the fright when they heard what appeared to be the sound of a supernatural entity known in the country as a 'crying vampire,' but it turned out be the work of pranksters. The creepy incident reportedly occurred last Thursday night at a roadblock where several police officers and civil volunteers were stationed as part of the pandemic prevention effort.

The otherwise routine evening took an unsettling turn when the group suddenly heard what seemed to be a wailing woman somewhere in the darkness. The unnerving nature of the spooky sounds led the workers to suspect that they were emanating from a ghostly figure in Malaysian lore described as a crying female vampire. Despite the perceived supernatural origins of the eerie wailing, the group dutifully began looking for the source of the sounds.

After failing to locate the crying woman, cops did some digging online and realized that the sound had actually come from a YouTube video on the crying vampire entity. They subsequently determined that some mischievous individual had been hiding on a nearby hill and played the audio in order to give the workers a scare. While the ne'er-do-well may have been laughing at the time, authorities say that the perpetrator, if caught, could face up to two years in jail for interfering with a police operation.


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