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Watch: Puzzling UFO Filmed in Alaska

By Tim Binnall

In a weird incident that took place in Alaska, witnesses caught sight of an unidentified falling object and authorities seem to be stumped by the strange sighting. According to a local media report, the rather unique UFO was caught on film by a man named Adonus Baugh who spotted the oddity in the sky over the city of Anchorage last Tuesday evening. In the footage, the object appears to be descending to the ground and unleashing a monstrous plume of smoke behind it.

It would appear that Baugh was not alone as another observer named Bebe Kang also saw the anomaly and managed to snap a few photos of it. Sharing the images on Facebook, she marveled that "it didn't look like an airplane or one of those jets. It was big, super slow and red!" In a somewhat ironic turn of events which upends the claim that skeptics often make about UFO witnesses seeking attention, Kang later deleted the photos because she was concerned that people would "think I was seeing aliens."

Determining what the UFO could have been, aside from aliens, has proven to be something of a challenge since it caught the attention of local media. A nearby air force base initially suspected as the point of origin for the oddity indicated that the anomaly "doesn't look like any of our planes." Even more baffling was a response from the FAA, who claimed that the object was not an aircraft at all. Perhaps the most maddening response may have come from the National Weather Service who reportedly just laughed about the incident and didn't even bother to offer an explanation.

Remarkably, the one individual who put forward perhaps the most plausible explanation was Coast to Coast AM contributor Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. And, contrary to what some critics might suspect, his hypothesis did not involve little green men. In fact, he argued that the 'UFO' was "a high-altitude jet airliner, with a contrail behind it." He went on to postulate that it only looked like it was falling because it was flying away from the camera. Considering that Davenport has examined countless cases sent to his organization and has likely seen this very scenario before, we're inclined to agree with his well-reasoned assessment.

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