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Watch: 'River Monster' Filmed in China

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of footage out of China appears to show a rather sizeable creature swimming in a river. The relatively impressive sea monster video was reportedly filmed in the city of Yichang along the Yangtze, which is the longest river in Asia. In the all-too-brief footage, a dark serpentine-like form can be seen almost slithering the water and, at one point, looks to measure around ten feet long.

Garnering millions of views on Chinese social media, the enigmatic footage has inspired a variety of theories as to what the 'monster' may have been, including prosaic possibilities like trash and suggestions that the creature could be a crocodile or a very large snake. Since it's not unheard of for Burmese pythons to roam throughout China, that particular hypothesis certainly has merit.

This recent oddity in the Yangtze River is actually not the first 'monster' we've seen from China as the country has its fair share of faux Nessies that have made the news over the years. Perhaps the most famous may be the Kanas Lake Monster which has been filmed on several occasions. As for this latest offering in the catalog of Chinese mystery creatures, share your best guess for what it might be at the C2C Facebook page.


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