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Watch: Running Bigfoot Filmed by Drone?

An Idaho man filming video with a drone believes he may have inadvertently captured a Bigfoot running across a field.

The ambiguous but enticing footage features a creature of some kind dash from a small cluster of trees around 25 seconds into the video and then run across a field and a road before disappearing into a forest.

According to the videographer, who has opted to remain anonymous, the mystery animal piqued his interested when he noticed that it appeared to be running on only two feet.

Unfortunately, the perspective from the drone is quite distant and the operator's realization about the animal seemingly occurred too late to zoom in on the potential Bigfoot.

That said, an enlarged image from the footage, which can be seen at the Idaho State Journal, does indeed show a hairy, bipedal creature roaming through the field.

Nonetheless, prominent cryptozoologist and Idaho State University professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum expressed skepticism about the video for a number of reasons.

He noted that the display screen for a drone video is similar to that of a cell phone and, thus, it seems unlikely that the videographer would have noticed the tiny speck moving across the field.

Meldrum also argued that a Bigfoot would probably not travel such a long distance in broad daylight when it would be easily seen by someone on the ground.

The analysis has not dissuaded the videographer who captured the footage and now plans to study it further using advanced photography software.

While we may never know if the creature in the film is an actual Bigfoot, the event does constitute a proverbial 'proof of concept' when it comes to the idea of finding the elusive animal using a drone.

Coast Insiders can hear Meldrum discuss such an endeavor during his 12/11/14 appearance on C2C when he talked about the Falcon Project which aims to hunt for Bigfoot using a specially-designed UAV.

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Source: Idaho State Journal


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