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Watch: 'Santa' Robs Memphis Bank

A surreal scene unfolded earlier this week when a ne'er-do-well wearing a Santa mask robbed a bank in Memphis.

The holiday-themed heist first appeared to be a display of good cheer as the 'bad Santa' gave candy canes to the bank patrons while wishing them a merry Christmas.

Alas the act of kindness was all a ruse as the robber then informed the teller that his visit was actually a ho-ho-hold-up.

Apparently concerned that his stocking was going to be filled with coal this year (and no doubt will be now), the Santa-clad criminal filled his sack with money from the bank and literally made off like a bandit.

While surveillance footage failed to capture how exactly the culprit escaped when he ran out into the street, we have sinking suspicion we may know who his getaway driver might have been.

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal


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