Watch: Sasquatch Spotted in Utah?

By Tim Binnall

An intriguing piece of footage out of Utah appears to show a sizeable creature lurking on the side of a mountain and some suspect that the beast could be Sasquatch. The strange scene was recorded by a man named Austin M. Craig in the city of Provo on January 2nd. It subsequently popped up on YouTube a few days later and has since caught the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts online.

In the video, Craig can be heard marveling at the massive size of the mystery creature that is "just chilling" on a mountain out in the distance. Although the oddity is rather indistinct and open to interpretation, there is one moment during the footage where it does appear as if the creature is walking in a bipedal fashion. Asked by someone if it could be a human, Craig expressed skepticism about that possibility and notes how it is situated at a fairly distant point on the mountain, yet still stands out considerably, suggesting that the creature is quite large.

To his credit, Craig subsequently drove down a nearby road to get a better look at the potential Bigfoot and captured additional footage of what he says is the creature sitting on a rock, although it's quite difficult to discern where it is in that portion of the video. Remarkably, Craig and his companions subsequently went up into the mountains in an attempt to try and solve the mystery of what they had seen and a friend back on the ground was able to watch the group from the vantage point of the first video and noted that they looked much smaller than the creature filmed earlier in the day.

Additionally, a local Sasquatch research group conducted their own expedition to the area just a few days after the sighting took place. This search may have been more fruitful as the 'Bigfoot hunters' believe that they found a few prints in the snow which could have been made by the legendary creature. Such an occurrence wouldn't be unheard of as there have been a handful of Sasquatch encounters, specifically in Provo, in the past. What's your take on Craig's footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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