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Watch: Security Camera Films Eerie Anomaly Outside Home in Georgia

By Tim Binnall

A homeowner in Georgia was given quite the scare after their security system filmed an eerie anomaly seemingly lingering outside their house. The strange incident reportedly took place last Thursday at a residence in the city of Valdosta. According to the bewildered witness, who uploaded the footage to Reddit, their Ring doorbell camera alerted them to a disturbance and, upon looking at the video notification, the homeowner was unnerved by what they saw.

In the footage, nothing seems to be happening until suddenly a rather distinct white form can be seen almost jumping from a truck to a car parked next to it and then vanishing. As is often the case, observers online have offered up a number of possibilities for what the oddity could have been with some suggesting it was a "partial spirit manifestation," while others have argued for a more prosaic explanation such as a cat or a bug. What's your theory for what the security system filmed? Share your best guess with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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