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Watch: Security Camera Films Eerie 'Shadow Person'

By Tim Binnall

A spooky piece of footage from the Philippines appears to show an apparition walking across a road as vehicles pass right through it. The bizarre scene was captured by a security camera in the province of Pangasinan back in June and subsequently popped up online earlier today. The specific city where the incident took place is unknown, but it is said to have occurred near a number of shops in what looks to be a rather busy area.

In the eerie footage, a dark figure can clearly be seen seemingly materializing out of nowhere on a sidewalk and then stepping out into the road in front of oncoming traffic. Within seconds, a wave of vehicles, including a fairly large truck, come rumbling towards the oddity. However, its path is not disturbed by the traffic and the figure just keeps walking towards the other side of the road before vanishing into thin air.

Considering that none of the drivers made an attempt to avoid the shadow person in the road, one can assume that they had no idea that it was there. According to reports, word of the weird incident has generated considerable consternation among those in the area as they suspect that the shadow person was a vengeful spirit. However, skeptics will likely argue that the 'ghost' was simply some kind of video artifact inadvertently produced by the security system or, failing that, a clever hoax. What's your take on the odd video? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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