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Watch: Security Camera Films Ghost in Parking Garage?

By Tim Binnall

A weird piece of security camera footage from the Philippines shows an anomaly inside a parking garage that left a guard at the site wondering if he'd just seen a ghost. The strange video was reportedly recorded in the city of Manila last Friday. The witness who had the eerie sighting opted not to reveal his name to the media because he'd already been roundly ridiculed by his co-workers when he told them about the experience and, as such, he feared that he'd suffer further embarrassment if his identity was made public.

That said, the security guard did recount the chilling moment when he spotted the oddity on the security camera monitor. "'There was a round glowing object," he recalled, "that looked like it was flying at the exit of the car park." Indeed, the video does appear to show a very bizarre-looking blob, for lack of a better term, undulating around in front of the garage door. According to the guard, he was left thinking "is it an angel or a ghost" as he watched the scene unfold before his eyes.

In response to what would seem to be the most obvious explanation for the anomaly, the guard insisted that "there is no light in the area where this camera is facing, so it's definitely not a reflection." Eventually, the man was forced to investigate the situation, but when he opened the door and entered the garage, the inexplicable interloper disappeared in the video. While he was pretty shaken up by the incident, the guard says that he has no plans to leave his job because "paying the bills comes first, no matter how scared I was.''


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