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Watch: Security Camera Spots Ghost?

By Tim Binnall

A woman in England believes that her home security system caught sight of an apparition walking down the road outside of her house. The spooky incident reportedly occurred late last month at the residence of Rachel Jones, who lives in the community of Cambridgeshire. Startled by a strange noise coming from outside, she turned on the app for her security system and was bewildered by what she saw.

"I believe I can see a ghostly figure come out of the window with a light," she said, "and then it walks down the path and past the car." Indeed, the video appears to show a glowing orb of some kind emerging from near her neighbor's house. For a very brief moment, it seems as if the oddity may merely be a person holding a flashlight, but the body seemingly dissipates into thin air as the orb vanishes as well.

Shortly thereafter, the faint outline of something can be seen moving down the road, which is what makes Jones suspect that the security system filmed a spirit. "I was completely astonished when I saw the recording," she recalled, "I have watched it so many times and can’t come up with any explanation." While Jones may think that the footage is that of a ghost, skeptics will likely counter with the suggestion that the 'apparition' was merely a technical glitch. What do you think of the odd footage? Share your thoughts with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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