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Watch: Security Guard Films Alien?

By Tim Binnall

In a strange case out of Argentina, a security guard claims to have encountered an alien in a field and has a rather curious piece of footage from the incident. The bizarre case reportedly occurred earlier this month in the city of Villa Maria when a night watchman named Eduardo noticed some odd lights near the property he was guarding. When he ventured to the area to investigate, he had an experience that seems to have left him still shaken today.

"When I went with the flashlight, I saw some stains like something burned in the grass," he recalled, "I started to get scared because that was not common." That initial fear turned to outright terror as Eduardo scanned the area with a flashlight and purportedly spotted something moving in the grass. "Like an animal, something that hid itself," he explained, "something weird, out of the ordinary."

Startled by the inexplicable interloper that had appeared in front of him, Eduardo began shooting in the direction of the mysterious trespasser before calling his co-workers for help. It would appear that the encounter ended there, except that, incredibly, the guard actually filmed the event as it unfolded. While the video is admittedly hard to discern and the potential alien's appearance seems to occur in a split second, repeated viewing of the footage does appear to show something pop up in the grass in front of Eduardo before quickly scurrying away.

One facet of the story which adds an enlightening layer to the story is what Eduardo did after his experience. Although he was happy to share his story with an Argentinian media outlet, when UFO researchers came to investigate the case, he was strangely evasive and refused to let them onto the property. When asked about his encounter, Eduardo simply replied, "I have nothing more to say. It was back there, in the little hill. Nothing more to say."

Skeptics might say that Eduardo's reticence to talk about the case any further is a sign that he fabricated the entire tale. However, one has to wonder why a security guard would concoct such a fantastic story about the very property he is supposed to be watching, since he now likely has to keep an extra eye out for people who may trespass onto the property looking for aliens. That sure sounds like an enormous nuisance in exchange for fifteen minutes of fame on Argentinian TV and forever being called the 'alien guy' by your co-workers.

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