Watch: 'Shadow Creature' Filmed in Maine

Falmouth Shadow

This was filmed in the Falmouth, Maine area a few days ago. The witness was reviewing dashcam footage to see if he had captured video of a deer that had run in front of him earlier. Well, that's no deer...

Posted by 207 Paranormal on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

By Tim Binnall

A curious piece of dashcam footage from a motorist in Maine appears to show some kind of shadow creature dart across a road. The eerie video was posted on Wednesday afternoon by the Facebook group 207 Paranormal, which specializes in reporting accounts of high strangeness in Maine. According to them, the footage was captured in the town of Falmouth "a few days ago" and that the anomaly was only noticed by the driver when he later revisited the video from their drive in the hopes of seeing a deer that had been spotted earlier in the trip.

In the video, as the car travels down a dark road illuminated by only the headlights of the vehicle and Toto's classic tune Love Isn't Always On Time plays on the radio, a dark oddity that appears to be some kind of creature suddenly and quickly zips from one side of the road to the other and disappears in the darkness. The strange incident lasts only a few seconds, so it's understandable how the driver may have missed the sighting when it unfolded before their very eyes.

As to what the anomaly may have been, the most popular possibility put forward by paranormal enthusiasts and those who love a good spooky video is that it could be ghostly in nature, perhaps the spirit of an animal. More skeptical viewers will undoubtedly argue that the creature is a genuine animal that only looks supernatural due to a trick of light and shadow as it appears right where the illumination of the headlights meets the darkness of the road. Where do you stand on the footage? Share your thoughts on the video at the C2C Facebook page.

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